My Games

Doomsday Vault (2020, Apple Arcade)

A cute puzzle game where you collect the remaining plant life and return it to the Doomsday Vault. Made by Flightless.

Unity, C#

Trapit (2011, iOS)

An arcade puzzle game where you need to block of moving gems to fill as much of the area as you can.

Cocos2d, Objective C

7th Legion (1997, PC)

Also known as “The game that shall not be named”. It has an interesting story; maybe I’ll share it one day.

DirectX, C++

Seek and Destroy (1996, PC)

My first commercial game. I did all programming (Except audio), level design, tools, pretty much everything. Including spending 2 weeks parked up in the driveway of an Epic employee in England whilst on my O.E, trying desperately to make changes so that Germany would accept the game.

DOS, C++